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Austrian – Attersee 2022

10 days with more than 300 young people from all over the world

From July 29 to August 7, we will come together from all over the world in Austria at Lake Attersee to talk about our hopes, our experiences and our future. We want to strengthen the unity of the youth against war, armament, racism, environmental destruction, poverty and exploitation.


at the following workshops you can let your creativity loose…

Of course, our camp will also include a wide variety of free time activities. Aside from camp-olympics and various tournaments, there will also be an outing. Moreover, every evening there will be a fun program including music, drama or camp tv. Also, we will obviously all spend a lot of time at the beautiful Attersee, that is right by the campgrounds. Stay tuned!


At the youthcamp we will handle many different topics and will be able to exchange information and experience with the other attendants from all over the world. These topics are expecting you…

We are DIDF-Jugend.

If you want to find out more about us, then check out our Instagram or our website.