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At the youthcamp we will handle many different topics and will be able to exchange information and experience with the other attendants from all over the world. These topics are expecting you…

War and Peace

The ucrainian war is currently one of the main topics. At our camp we will discuss it alongside other wars and conflicts. We will talk about the significance, war and militarization has for young people. Ultimately it is us and our future, that are disadvantaged first, while 100 billion are being invested in the military and we are the ones, that will get enlisted first, if the conscription is activated again. Even more than that, we will talk about Peace and how we can get to it.


All over, rightwing structures are attempting to nurture and grow at the precarious situation of human beings. One look at the goals of radical right-wing politics reveals, that they are not providing actual solutions for societal issues. The only thing they do provide is hate and division. In times of racist terrorist attacks right near us and black lives matter, our fight against racism is pivotal. Together with the delegations outside of Germany, we not only want to look upon current racism but also pay a visit to the KZ memorial in Dachau. We demand: Never again fascism, never again war!

Corona and crisis

The pandemic and the economic crisis hit young people all over the world. At camp we will talk about how we, as the youth can fight the distribution of its aftereffects on our backs.


Thanks to Fridays for Future, climate change is currently one of the pivotal topics of the youth. We only have one planet and we need to protect it. At camp we will find out, why we need more than individual responsibility for that.

Women’s movement

Women were also hit particularly hard by the pandemic. Not only are they more often in badly paid professions in the care area, but there was also a large increase in violence against women. That makes it especially important that more and more women fight for a life without exploitation and violence.


We are students, university students, apprentices and young workers. Together with young people from other countries, we will take at a look at our situation at school, at uni or at work and will learn from each other’s battles.

Youth movement

We are coming together with young people from all over the world, to discuss and exchange ideas on how we can make the worldwide youth movement stronger. Because we know: We can and will change our future!

Who are we?

We are DIDF-Jugend.

If you want to find out more about us, then check out our Instagram or our website…